Canada Procures Spiri ARC for Testing


Canada has entered into a $1.3 million contract with Spiri Robotics to procure and test one unit of our Autonomous Robotic Cell (ARC) in an operational setting with the Defence Research & Development arm of the country's Department of National Defence (DND). The tests will focus on the ARC's capabilities in surveillance and counter-drone activity and will take place between September 2023 and August 2024.

ARC consists of a set of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), transported and fully supported out of a specially-renovated intermodal shipping container. This is a self-contained, moveable base for autonomous UAS operations. It includes a secure, off-grid, peer-to-peer network and a small supercomputer's worth of artificial intelligence for real-time analysis. The robots come with an installed set of missions & behaviours they perform as a team, without remote pilots, adjusting together for changing circumstances on the fly.