Spiri Robotics

Introducing Spiri Mu

autonomous, versatile, intelligent


A flock is an ensemble of two or more Spiris running our flocking software. In this mode, each Spiri shares information and cooperates with each other, maintaining formation without further human effort.

Open Source

Spiri robots are fully programmable, customizable, standards-based, and open source. They run Ubuntu Linux with CUDA accelerated OpenCV and ROS. We provide extensive tools and access for developers.

SLAM on Spiri

Spiri robots use a process called simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) to improve their navigational control. ORB_SLAM2 is installed with GPU acceleration on the Spiri Mu. Here's how it works.


Spiri robots are highly modular in design. This is intended to facilitate repairs, upgrades, and general maintenance over the lifetime of your robot. We provide a variety of open ports for hardware extension.

MIST Lab and the ESA