Spiri Mu

Spec Sheet for Spiri Mu

For general information about Spiri Mu (S. quadrispiralis micros), click the link above to see its spec sheet. This addresses flight speed, range, payload capacity, software stacks, camera capabilities, and more.

How high can a Spiri Mu fly?

The legal limit for drone flight is typically 100m above ground, but this varies by country and jurisdiction.

  • Default: 100m above launch position
  • Operating limit: 8,000m above sea level

What kinds of sensor can connect to Spiri Mu?

Any sensor that uses USB or I2C can plug in to Spiri Mu. Custom sensor integration is also possible. Use our contact form to discuss this with us.

How long does it take to receive a Spiri Mu after ordering it?

Ten weeks. We are working with our factory through a backlog of orders, including orders from our original Kickstarter campaign.


Is there an academic or educational discount for Spiri Mu?

Yes. Use our contact form to discuss this with an academic liaison.

Do you enable access to source code, mechanical drawings, simulator models, or other intellectual property?

Yes. Use our contact form to discuss your needs with us.

Are Spiri robots compatible with other robots?

Our robots can exchange information with other robots using ROS, MAVLINK, and BUZZ.

Spiri Cloud and Spiri Net sound dangerous. Is this like Skynet in the Terminator movies?

No. Spiri robots and humans make excellent friends.


What kind of batteries does Spiri Mu use?

Spiri devices use a universal battery pack containing four Li-ion cells in series, able to discharge 480 Watts. Treat batteries with care. Misused batteries can explode, emit noxious psycho-active fumes, kill or seriously injure you and others, and cause property damage not limited to your Spiri Mu.

How long does it take to recharge a Spiri battery?

Approximately 1 hour.


What is ROS and how does it work on a Spiri robot?

Robot Operating System (ROS) is a system for communicating data between different parts of a robot, or between different robots. It is used, among other things, to communicate navigational and state data between the motion control systems and the cognitive and vision systems, enabling machine vision to support navigation.

How smart is a Spiri robot in animal terms?

Computers and animals are not smart in the same ways. But to answer the question, by a rough estimate, the onboard computer in most Spiri devices has a similar ability to process information as a honey bee, but not nearly the same abilities beyond that.