Concordia University, Spiri & Music

Many animals communicate and coordinate using sound. This fact provided inspiration to the Pleiades Robotics team and Concordia University researcher Luis Rodrigues to extend that principle to music as a basis for robotic expression and command.

Beginning in 2014 with early Spiri prototypes, Prof. Rodrigues and his graduate students created control and response software that proved the concept. A first public demonstration took place at the Montreal Maker Faire of 2014. Oboe tones, converted through a MIPI board into command signals, served as impetus for the tethered Spiri prototype to rise to different heights and dance.

"Music can become a language for robots and a new form of robotic communication," says Prof. Rodrigues. Efforts to extend this original work continue at Concordia and Pleiades.

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Spiri - a robot in sync with music

Spiri Mu in circle of fifths