Spiri Service

Spiri Service

We provide fully autonomous robotic inspection and data collection, combined with data analytics, to satisfy the end-to-end requirements of customers large and small. Here is how we engage:

Step 1: Mission Planning

In this step, we meet with the client to determine the location, scope, and timing of the mission.  From this, we learn what equipment and resources the mission requires, and verify the applicable regulatory and safety standards. After this planning exercise, we will know how many drones to use, what kinds of sensors to carry, how many pilots, technicians, programmers, and support staff to involve, how much data to prepare to handle, transmit, and analyze, and how to schedule and report any mission flights.

Step 2: Pre-Flight Programming

In this step, drone and computer programmers work from the mission plan and write scripts, procedures, and check-up programs for the drones (or other robots) involved in the mission, and for the computers that will monitor them. We test the mission in our simulator prior to the actual mission. After the code performs satisfactorily in the simulator, we load the code onto each Spiri Mu and Spiri Host to be used, and also onto the Spiri Cloud. This ensures that all of the equipment is ready for the mission, and all of the robots are ready to perform without further human intervention.

Step 3: Mission Execution

In this step, the mission team takes the equipment to the mission location, sets up, performs safety checks, makes any necessary adjustments, and then lets the robots carry out the mission. Our qualified, licensed and insured pilots and technicians supervise this process, and ensure that this work is done in accordance with the compliance and safety plan set out in the overall mission plan. The final step of the mission is to ensure that the data has fully and securely transmitted to the Spiri Cloud for analysis, and that the original copies are intact and accounted for. At the end of this process, the data will collected and transmitted to the Spiri Cloud, and the mission will be a success.

Step 4: Data Analysis and Reporting

In this step, we perform an appropriate combination of automated and human-aided analytics on the collected data, using techniques and software determined in the mission plan. We then deliver the full analysis and report to the customer in the format and manner described in the mission plan.

Use Cases for Industry and Government

The Spiri Service is useful across many industries and applications. We can work with you shoulder to shoulder, or we can train your team to plant the knowledge in house. Below are links to articles describing the application of the Spiri Service to different use cases and situations.

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