Spiri Mu

Spiri Mu is the most powerful, general purpose programmable drone in its class. It runs Ubuntu Linux and ROS on Nvidia’s TX2, optimally configured for autonomous missions and deep learning. Its on-board vision system consists of a pair of hardware-synchronized global shutter cameras on 2.5Gb/s CSI lanes. Video processing is on a GPU capable of up to 1.5 TFLOP/s. Hardware expansion is available via USB3, I2C, HDMI, Serial, and GPIO, plus a 4G cellular data modem. Data is stored on a UHS-I micro SD card.

There are three navigational modes on Spiri Mu: (1) direct remote control by a human operator, (2) semi-autonomous missions based on pre-set waypoints, (3) fully autonomous missions based on pre-set goals. The latter allows for emergent behavior based on changing conditions. We also support multi-agent missions, in which an entire flock of drones is under direct, semi-autonomous, or fully autonomous command.

In ideal conditions, Spiri Mu is capable of cm-level precision in its position estimates and motion. This precision also improves data analysis; knowing better where you are means knowing better where that object is.

Weighing just 1.5kg, Spiri Mu has almost three times that thrust at full throttle, making it ready for heavy payload or for powerful maneuvering. It is powered by high Amp Li-ion batteries.