Featured Users

Centre for Marine Applied Research
proving the efficacy of drone gathered water samples

In October, 2020, Spiri and the Centre for Applied Marine Research began work with Environment & Climate Change, Canada to pilot the use of drones in collecting water samples for the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program.

University of Montreal
flocking with the European Space Agency

In November 2018, the MIST Lab of University of Montreal visited the European Space Agency in Lanzarote. They tested flocking algorithms developed with Spiri for use in exploring other planets, as well as our own.

McGill University
collision recovery and inverted flight

Researchers at the Center for Intelligent Machines at McGill University have been researching collision recovery and inverted flight. Spiri flips upside down and continues to fly!

Dalhousie Univeristy
Spiri and the Arctic

Development is underway at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of Dalhousie University to enable ocean-based missions combining aerial, surface, and underseas robots.

Concordia University
responding to music

Animals use gestures and sounds to communicate. Music is a highly mathematical kind of language. Researchers at Concordia University are bringing it to Spiri.